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Visas and passports -the key to travelling the world

Many countries require a valid passport and visa as a condition of entry for foreigners; as such, ensuring that your passport is valid and that your visa is obtained before travelling is vital to ensure that you will be able to gain entry into the country of your choice as effortlessly as possible.

Visa services offered by Travel Experience Visa Zone

Travel Experience with Visa Zone simplifies your travel documents – from passports to travel visas and much more. Whether it is corporate travel or that well-deserved holiday, we understand all your travel needs, and will be able to assist you with the processing of urgent visas, visas and other travel documentation.

For complete travel-peace-of-mind visit any of our Travel Experience stores.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is one of the most important elements when planning your trip

Travel insurance is an essential item that is often easily overlooked in the frenzy of holiday planning and buying bikinis. Be prepared and make sure you are covered!

Regardless of whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, there is always some form of risk involved. None of us are able to fund just any emergency out of our own pockets – especially not at the current exchange rate! Ensure that you have comprehensive travel insurance to protect you from substantial losses that may result from any unforeseen circumstances such as lost baggage, medical emergencies, supplier defaults and cancelled trips.

<h3>Travel insurance can differ from one company to another</h3>

Travel insurance covers various situations which are excluded from covers offered by credit card companies and healthcare plans. So be sure to purchase a suitable and adequate travel insurance plan for peace of mind, and assistance when required.

<h3>Applying for travel insurance </h3>

A variety of travel insurance products are available through our chain of Travel Experience stores. Visit the website today for more information.

The following documents are needed when applying for travel insurance.

  • A copy of your identification document (ID).
  • Personal details such as your name, surname and address.
  • Date of departure from South Africa.
  • Date of arrival in South Africa (Once you land in South Africa the policy expires).

Travel insurance quik cheks

  • Do you have enough insurance?
    Do you have adequate and comprehensive cover and are you able to make informed decisions?
  • Excess and delay
    Have you compared the excess amounts and delay times for different products and claims?
  • Baggage cover
    Are the contents of your luggage is sufficiently insured?
  • Age restrictions
    Do you comply with the restrictions for youth, senior or family cover?
  • Family cover
    Do you understand how cover benefits will be shared, is the cover still enough?
  • Medical conditions
    Have you checked if pre-existing medical conditions are covered and how it will affect your claim?
  • Participating in Sports
    Various sports and activities are excluded from some travel insurance agreements. Have you checked to ensure that your adventure is covered?
  • Policy wording
    Assume nothing! Have your read all the travel insurance documentation and do you understand all the fine print?

Foreign Exchange and Cash Passport

Visas and passports -the key to travelling the world

  • Visas and passports -the key to travelling the world

    One of the first steps in planning a trip overseas should centre on ensuring that your money matters are all in order. By being prepared, any difficulties that are encountered when dealing with foreign exchange or money exchange can be complicated by distance and language – so by ensuring that your forex is in order before you leave, you will be saving yourself a potential nightmare.

    Recommended Currency & Forex

    It is in your best interest to purchase the preferred currency of your destination. Always remember to carry small denominations for convenient local shopping – and never carry all the currency you have exchanged on you when you go out. For information on foreign exchange contact your Travel Experience store or Travelex – who supply foreign notes in all major currencies at a competitive exchange rate. Travelex also supplies and arranges traveller’s cheques, Cash Passports, drafts and telegraphic transfers.

    <h3>A Visa Cash Passport is a great alternative to traveller’s cheques.</h3>

    A Visa Cash Passport is an easy way to safely store Forex, giving you the ability to get cash cheaper and faster by using an ATM, as opposed to using traveller’s cheques.

    You can pre-budget your travel spend, and, if necessary, you can ask your family back home to top it up. Just keep in mind that while ATMs give the best possible exchange rates, they do have transaction fees. Minimize fees by making fewer large withdrawals, but always be cautious and remember to keep cash safely in a money belt.

    For more information visit your Travel Experience store.

Other Services

  • Air travel reservations
    Domestic and International
  • Car rental reservations
    Domestic and international
  • Hotel reservations
    Domestic and international
    Including family Deals, early booking discounts and self-catering.
  • Travel packages
    Domestic and international
    Including family Deals, early booking discounts and self-catering.
  • Airport transfer/shuttles/chauffeur drive reservations
  • Airport parking reservations
  • Airport lounge reservations
  • Rail / ferry reservations
  • Cruises & Coach reservations
  • Local and international tours
  • Group & Incentive reservations
  • Conferencing & Events planning